Get your own ESCAPE ROOMS
with Brain Game Franchise

Aimed at entrepreneurs seeking the diversification strategy in the free market and wish to engage in the ever-growing sector of the alternative entertainment. We appeal to those who want to follow the trend of the times and invest in a proven profitable and no saturated concept, which has enormous potential for growth and evolution.


  1. Preparation and setting up of the escape rooms. Rooms will be delivered ready for function.
  2. The know-how and our experience
  3. The development of the site, also comprising the management systems reservation
  4. The customer relationship management platform and also the platform for sending newsletters.
  5. The equipment and our advanced software management for games
  6. Business plan of enterprises based on the data and the data of the area in order to maximize the profitability and the business success.
  7. All manuals of rooms: linear flow scenarios, helps, all necessary records of each room.
  8. Free technical support:
    We are next to you in any problems arising and we offer you technical support from our specialized team of our company.
  9. Employees training
    Our highly trained team of game masters will undertake the training of your staff. In addition there will be continuous help and support to your staff throughout our cooperation.
  10. Linking and promoting your business through the central site of Brain Game, also as well as advertising in all social media and search engines.
  11. Use rights of the mark and the distinctive title 'Brain game'.



If you want to get your own franchise in, you can contact through the following contact form or through email